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Reconditioning Additive for Compressor replacement or A/C Aystem Flushing.

COMPRESSOR+ is the additive that restores the optimal working conditions of the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning systems once you have replaced the compressor or flushed the circuit. Due to the break of a compressor,different contaminants get inside the circuit (Hydrofluoric, Hydrochloric and Carbonic acid, such as moisture and heavy residues of flushing liquid) that affect significantly the duration of the main components of the system.
Before providing the installation of a new A/C compressor it is necessary to disassemble the different parts of the circuit and flush them with a flushing liquid which can ensure the removal of these contaminants.

Directly added in the lubricant that has to be included in the new compressor, this product catches and inhibits all those particles that can be dangerous for the new components.
COMPRESSOR+ precisely neutralizes and incorporates these contaminants, immediately guaranteeing the maximum efficiency and eliminating the possibility of future damage.

• Eliminates and completely neutralizes the contaminants in the vehicles A/C systems.
• Fastly effective.
• Does not damage the system components.
• Ideal for preventive applications.
• UNIVERSAL DOSAGE FOR VEHICLES A/C SYSTEMS: 6 ML (0.25 FL. OZ.) every 400 ML (13.5 FL. OZ.) of lubricant.

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