TORALIN Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner Kit

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Cleaning particulate filter. Application.


DPF cleaning without expensive new installation.

DPF Cleaning solution. Cleaning Particulate Filter. No Filter Disassembly Required!
Nowadays many modern diesel-powered vehicles have a built-in particulate filter (DPF). With the passing of time, soot particles build up for various reasons, which gradually leads to a clogged filter and hampered regeneration.

TORALIN offers garage owners a special, innovative method for cleaning the clogged particulate filter (DPF) without disassembling. Therefore  disassembly of the filter is not required. With the Professional Particulate Filter (DPF) Cleaning Kit, you can clean the particulate filter expertly.

The TORALIN PARTICULATE FILTER CLEANING KIT (Pr.Nr. 92015) consists of 2 products:
1.TORALIN Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner (500 ml.)
2.TORALIN Professional Particulate Filter Flush (2 liter).

Please note:Treatment also requires the TORALIN Professional Particulate Filter Cleaning Machine. ( 95707)

How it works:
The TORALIN Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Cleaner is directly sprayed into the particulate filter via the pressure sensor and with help of the TORALIN Professional Particulate Filter (DPF) Cleaning Machine. This loosens up all soot, ash and residue particles or any other contaminants caught by the particulate filter.
The TORALIN (DPF cleaner) Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner is water based cleaner and will be very effective to softened carbon particle and impurities inside the diesel particulate filter. It will seriously clean, flush and remove away the carbon impurities and carbon deposits from the exhaust. The flushing liquid also ensures that all the ash is removed. After the treatment, the particulate filter is as clean as  new again.

The exhaust sensor (temperature or pressure sensor) is released. The TORALIN Particulate Filter Cleaning Machine is then connected to it and the Particulate Filter Cleaner is sprayed directly into the particulate filter. This is done in 2-3 steps with intervals of 4-5 minutes. This allows the Particulate Filter Cleaner to soak in properly. The Cleaner very gently releases the soot particles and other contaminants, so they can easily be removed. The TORALIN Particulate Filter Flush finishes the cleaner's job. It ensures that no remnants remain in the particulate filter. After that the engine should run for 10 minutes at 2500-3000 revs, after which the sensor is reconnected.

 Download here the Instruction for use for Cleaning Particulate Filter


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