TORALIN Lifter Free

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TORALIN Lifter Free quiets lifter noise, frees and quiets sticky valve lifter. 

Quiets lifter noise. Frees and quiets sticky valve lifter.
Engines over time tend to build up carbon deposits which rob it of power and performance. TORALIN Lifter Free tends to reverse this process by cleaning and quieting lifters and valves while also removing carbon deposits.
Frees sticky hydraulic valve lifters while you drive. Keeps valves from seizing and piston lines free. Reduces smog unit sludge. Mixes with all oils to overcome sludge formation by anti-smog units. Keeps oil screens from clogging. Reduces engine wear.

Start the engine and let it work till the engine is warm (5-6 min). Pour TORALIN Lifter Free in crankcase. Start the engine and let idling for 5 minutes before driving car. If trouble persists, mechanical repair is indicated.

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Content 250 ml
Dosage Use 1 bottle to 4-6 liter of oil with every oil change.
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