TORALIN Compression Repair

TORALIN® COMPRESSION REPAIR increases compression and engine power while reducing oil consumption. This product can be safely used in both gasoline and diesel engines.

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TORALIN® COMPRESSION REPAIR is an oil additive that has been specially developed to solve a large number of problems. TORALIN® COMPRESSION REPAIR is a powerful cleaner for sticking piston rings, and completely fills damages and scratches in the cylinder wall. Therefore, gas leakage is lowered, compression loss eliminated, and oil consumption reduced. Due to the smooth cylinder walls and the smoothly gliding piston rings, the friction resistance is reduced, resulting in less rapid wear.

10 problems solved at one time

Increases compression 
Decrease in oil consumption
Recovery of engine power
Increased oil pressure
Improvement of fuel efficiency
Stops gas leaks
Stops smoking exhausts
Spark plugs stay cleaner
Reduces engine noise and vibration
Starts faster in cold weather
Loss of compression 
High oil consumption
Decrease in engine power
Low oil pressure
High fuel use
Gas leaks (blow-by)
Smoking exhaust
Dirty spark plugs
Engine noise and vibration
Difficult to start in cold weather

Signs of compression loss (low compression) can be recognized by the decrease in engine power, increase in fuel consumption, and the increased need to top-up engine oil. Furthermore, the exhaust produces blue smoke, the spark plugs become dirty sooner, and the engine makes more noise or causes vibrations. If you recognize one of these problems, then add a bottle of TORALIN® COMPRESSION REPAIR to the engine oil as quickly as possible. Instructions for use Bring the engine to its normal operating temperature. Add the entire content of the bottle of TORALIN® COMPRESSION REPAIR to the motor oil. It is suitable to use in combination with any type of motor oil, including special “high mileage” oil products for intensive stress and synthetic oil.

Dosage: 1 bottle treats 4 to 6 quarts (6-8 liters) of oil.

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Content 500 ml
Dosage Dosage:1 bottle treats 4 to 6 quarts (6-8 liters) of oil.
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