PAG 150 High Viscosity Oil

Compressor Oil PAG 150 is specially developed for mobile airconditioning units, which use the refrigerant R134a.

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Compressor oil PAG 150 has due the high Viscosity Index (VI) a wide temperature operating window and can be used for a wide range of vehicles. Compressor oil PAG 150 has an excellent chemical- and thermal stability and has a high-quality additive package. Oil PAG 100 also gives good protection against wear and contamination.

For R-134a auto A/C systems
Helps extend compressor life and improve cooling capacity
Anti-wear properties

ISO 150 viscosity
Meets OEM specifications

ISO VG 150
Kinematic viscosity @ 40°C (cSt) 150
Kinematic viscosity @ 100°C (cSt) 25
Viscosity Index 200
Total Acid Number (mg KOH/g) 0,02
Pour point (°C) -40
Flash point (°C) 230
Density @ 15°C (g/cm³) 1,005
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Content 250 ml
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